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How To Stay Positive During A Bad Few Holes

Steven Bowditch, winner of the PGA Tours Valero Texas Open, had a poor start to his final round but still managed to hold on and win his first tour title.

How did he stay positive?

Most golfers I talk to believe that the professionals we see on TV have some extra special secret that amateurs don't know about.

This isn't the case.

The tour Professionals manage to remain positive during a round of golf through their pre-shot routine and a few techniques.

To develop a good pre-shot routine you need 4 main components:

  1. A decision making phase. Pick a sensible target and select a club you don't need to hit 100%.
  2. A dress rehearsal practice swing. Your practice swing should be an exact replica of the swing you intend to use on the ball.
  3. Positive visualisation. Try your best to imagine the ball flying to the target with a positive result. This is key to creating a positive feeling just before the shot.
  4. Positive trigger word. This is the point just before the shot is hit. To reduce the chance of any negative thoughts creeping in, a word such as "Commit" or "Solid" will enhance positive feelings and increase focus.

Mental Game Technique

One tip that most sports psychologists suggest their players use to stay positive in-between shots is the Tree Tops Focus technique.

If a golfer hits a poor shot, the tendency is to think about it during the walk between shots. This can be very damaging to the golfers confidence.

To stop this snowball effect of negative thoughts the Tree Top Focus technique is used. It requires the golfer to keep their focus on the tops of the trees. This change of focus has 2 main benefits:

  1. Improves the golfers physiology.
  2. Stops any negative thoughts.

These tried an tested techniques will help any golfer reduce their scores and will assist their enjoyment of the game.


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